Celebrity Corner

Fairhaven is a small town with a lot of appeal. Many famous actors, actresses, bands, models, and wrestlers have come to visit the wonderful Fairhaven area and visited or stayed at the Seaport Inn and Marina. Below are a few of the well known celebrities that have stayed with us, hover over their photo for more information.

tom_obrien   chris messina   alexie_gilmore

stan_jouk   mitzi_kapture   penny_dreadful

lisa_dowaliby   bill_diamond   theresa_caputo

felix_silla   gabrielle_west   peter_mayhew

gerald_home   larry_thomas   weekendAtBernies

george_steele   john_doomsday_howard   ted_dibiase

jimmy_snuka   fredro_starr   ivonna_cadaver

joe_andruzzi   Elegance   eddie_munsterAKA butch_patrick

sarah_paulson   rich_sommer   justin_timberlake

seth_gilliam   nien_nunb   the_gremlins

barrie_holland   salacious_crumb   rebecca_mader

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